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Wine is a drink that touches our soul, sounds exaggerated but for wine-lovers it’s true. The fermented grape varietals in a wine will make you feel relax and satisfied.

Personally, I believe that wine is the best alcoholic drink to have because of its proven health benefits.
In every drinking session, food is always a great partner to your drinks. That’s why we listed down 5 foods that will truly compliment your wine.

1. Pinot Noir = Earthy Food Flavors
Foods that contains mushrooms and truffles will perfectly compliment your Pinot Noir wine.

2. Chardonnay = Fatty Fish or Fish with Rich Sauce
Chardonnays from California, Chile or Australia are perfectly paired with fishes like Salmon or any kind of seafood that’s rich in sauce.

3. Champagne = Anything Salty
Some of dry sparkling wines like Brut champagne and Spanish Canva is absolutely have a pinch of sweetness that’s why foods that are salty is best paired with Champagne.

4. Cabernet Sauvignon = Juicy Red Meat
The delicious taste of a Cabernet Sauvignon is best to drink with an any juicy red meat like steaks and lamb chops. The firm tannins in this wine will refresh your palate after every bite of a juicy meat.

5. Sauvignon Blanc = Tart Dressing and Sauces
Piquant foods like scallops with grapefruit-onion salad will not overwhelmed the taste of your Sauvignon Blanc making it the best food to pair for your favorite wine.


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