Exquisite South African Wine in Myanmar

South African wines are one of the most highly regarded in Myanmar and across the world, offering a unique taste that sets it apart from other regions such as France, Australia and California, U.S.A. Due to South Africa’s warm climate, the red grapes cultivated there are renowned for their ripeness, and as a result they produce full-flavoured wines that are high in alcoholic content. It is no surprise that South African wines are becoming increasingly popular all over the world, and is globally one of the fastest-growing wine regions.

At Marco’s Cellar, we carry a variety of South African wines in Myanmar from some of the top wineries that the country has to offer. As a wholesale supplier of wines in Myanmar, our range is second to none. Alongside our South African range, you will also find wines and spirits from places such as France, Italy, Spain and Australia. From sophisticated Pinotages — a signature South African wine — to elegant Rosés and Chardonnays, you will love our selection of wines. Start browsing now!

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