Check out our 4D technology and experience what our place looks like live! And of course, to set your expectations before visiting and making a reservation. For a better experience, put on a VR goggle for a greater walk through.

Built to accommodate social gatherings, Business Meetings and even a bring a date, Marco’s Cellar on 499 is versatile to meet your needs. Check out the 2nd floor for a less formal relaxing setting.

MC @ 499 is the first “No Frills” wine bar in Yangon that serves quality drinks and food for a reasonable price. It has a selection of close to 100 wine varieties, be it single estate wines or luxurious wines.

“Being no frills means purchasing our wine is equivalent to purchasing from a supermarket, only with a service charge for the facilities not available at home”.

With the handpicked wines by their in house sommelier based in Singapore, MC aims to provide our consumers with the type of environment they are not typically exposed to. We strive to ensure a proper experience where party goers can drink good wine, relax and enjoy Myanmar-European Fusion food.